Chemical Treatment & Cleaning

Boiler and Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment

We ofter boiler and cooling tower chemical treatment to maintain the boiler and cooling tower performance, minimize blow down and protected the equipment form errotion an corrotion due to poor of water quality. It also imporives the bolling and cooling efficiency.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning has long been regarded as the most efficient and least disruptive method for cleaning piping and cooling water systems, boilers tanks and reactors. Chemical cleaning is required on new build systems to ensure that residual contamination and exess deposittions such as millscale. welding slag grease do not contaminate product or cause severe damage to rotating machinery or valves. Existing piping systems in service that are affected by contaminants organic and inorganicscales, may in time reduce flow rates or affect heat transfer. Weather ford can provide the most technically advanced, cost-effective chemical cleaning solution for any combination of problems.